New is always better.

Barney Stinson said it best.

‘New. Is. Always. Better.’

In business, we invest in the latest tech. We build a new website and start a new marketing funnel. We learn from the newest gurus and adopt their new approaches. All so we can get ahead, improve results or keep an edge.

But it’s not new. Someone else always got their first. We know that deep down, we’re just copying. I’m just as guilty – probably more so than most.

What really counts is new ideas – our own. This year I plan on trying a lot of new things, working on new projects and sharing some new ideas. And I’m excited to inevitably meet a few new people along the way.

So here’s wishing us all a Happy New Year!

WooCommerce Vs Shopify: Which is best for your online business?

Thinking of selling online? The internet is the new high street, with enormous digital department stores like Amazon taking the lion’s share of sales. But that doesn’t mean your own online business can’t thrive online. Having a brand-focused shop of your own is an excellent way to create income for yourself, or drive sales for your company.

Linking to a WordPress Post by id

Frequent bloggers will often need to create internal links from one WordPress post to another. The easiest way is to select the desired URL from the Insert/edit link tool within TinyMCE or Gutenburg Blocks.

However, a more flexible way is to reference the most canonical attribute of the content you create – the Post id.

Hardly a Manifesto

Since breaking away from 9 to 5 employment three months ago, I’ve found myself having to learn a lot of new skills, and quickly. Not being plugged into a work computer has also given me the freedom to explore many new topics, hobbies and interests. The scope and variance of these are ridiculous.